Friday, January 28, 2011

friday theme

hola..hehe..hari ini sy telah memutuskan bahawa hari jumaat adalah hari untuk speaking london..haha..yeahh..let's speak in english..manglish?sabahlish?antam was your day today?mine, as usual, nothing interesting..i am late for work again..even my house is just 2 minutes away from my work place.woaahhh...what to do, the weather is sooo niceeee and my bed, my pillow and my blanket was like don't want to let me go!hahaha..luckily i have such a understanding's ok bah..once in a while only bah kan?oh i learn some of other languages in kudat..Ubian language and Suluk language..i learn it from our student, Niza..she is a Bajau Suluk girl and she teach Sahariah and I a simple conversation in Suluk and in Ubian language..too bad..i still can't remember the simple conversation that she already taught, i can't share it with you..maybe next time ya?so..till we meet again..babaii..

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