Tuesday, February 25, 2014

my 3rd week..

Hello everyone...this week is my 3rd week in KL..to be frank..i'm still adjusting to this new environment.. i miss everyone back in Sabah..i want to come home..i miss my home..i miss my family..i miss my Sabah..Land Below The Wind..my beautiful Sabah..i miss the handsome Mount Kinabalu..i miss the cutie sandy white beaches..oh i miss my bulky car..haha..i miss driving around with my kereta putih..i miss everything in Sabah..now i'm in KL...owhhh.. KL..please be nice to me..i will try to create a happy moments in here..i will put some efforts so i can live comfortably in here..okay KL...let's live in harmony yaaa...bye for now

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My Final Week..

Hi everybody..it's me..i'm about to leave my comfort zone and start a brand new life..yes..i'm leaving and i'm not so happy about it..this week is my last week working in Kudat Hospital..it has been 9 wonderful years..Thank You Hospital Kudat for having me here..it's an honour to serve the lovely Kudat people..Bye for now and hope to come back here when the time is come..