Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Syukur Selalu

Hai are you? hows your work today?..hari ini adalah salah satu hari yang sangat menyedihkan bagi saya..well, as a physiotherapist working in the ICU unit, i have the opportunity to witness a bit of the sadness inside the ICU..hari ini saya mnyaksikan satu 'pemergian' seorang anak berusia 10 tahun..mendengar tangisan dan raungan kesedihan seorang ibu yg tahu akan kehilangan seorang anak, it breaks my heart into pieces as i'm a mother too..i can't imagine the pain she has to go through..then i said to myself..when i go home, i want to kiss and hug my daughter..i'm very thankful that i still have my child that i can see and touch and hug..i thank to Allah for still giving me a chance to see my babygirl laughing,crying,smiling, thankful of what we have now..just be thankful of anything we have now..we don't know what lies ahead and just be thankful for today and pray for the mother who lost her little angel strong mama..your child belongs to heaven strong!...

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Buli Bawa Bincang

Hai i want to write a bit about my not so little babygirl Auni Maisarah..yeahhh my cleftie cutie sdh berumur 3 tahun 6