Thursday, December 22, 2016

my comeback

Hello everybodyyyyyyy (echoes)'s been a while since the last hari ini saya rasa mau start blogging lah balik..emmm..what to write? emm emmm..apa2, if u guys wondering how am i doing now, what i have up to..wahwah..ada kerrr??well now i reside in Sandakan with my little sweet supportive husband who will sacrifice anything and everything for the sake of our little princess and of course the new addition of the familia..drummmm rollingggggg... our princess Auni Maisarah Binti Mohd Ihtisyam.. She's now 8 months old and been very active crawling here and there, pulling any cord that caught her attention and of course put everything inside her mouth! Auni!!!!...hahaha..Little introduction of my little princess..she was born on 14th of April 2016 with cleft lip and palate. Done her first lip surgery on the 17th october this year ..she's doing very well and we are looking forward for her second surgery which is her palate closure surgery soonn...tarikh operation belum ada sebab next appointment with the plastic surgeon will on another 4 month...according to her plastic surgeon, her cleft palate is a bit wide so Auni Maisarah need to grow up first... oklah..we'll talk about this later balik rumah sudah and jumpa si kicik2 Auni Maisarah..bye for now..
Auni Say HIIII :)