Saturday, October 3, 2009

I'm surprised

Hello are you?..well, for me, i'm fine..but something is bothering me now..i really can't control my appetite. i feel like want to eat all the i'm weighing 58kg. Oh no..i gained extra 2 kilos after Hari Raya..but that's not the main thing that make me surprised. Recently, i have connected with my xclassmates on the facebook. I'm shocked to see one of them. She used to be a XL size girl..guess what?now, she looks better then ever. the round shaped face turns into oval shaped face. no more flabby arms..all well toned. i don't know what's her secret...will ask her later lah...whoaa..i want to be like her..i want to get back my shape and when i saw her picture that day, i believe that nothing is imposibble.....yes! i can do it!


windi said...

kalau ko tak kontrol makan, nanti ko pun 'gagah perkasa' macam i jugak. at least i da beranak pinak..u tu kawin pun blom. takkan nak pecahkan rekod i kut..nguah2..

Myfrin's story said...

Hai Zie, ada petua ringkas kalau mau kasi kurang berat badan tanpa senaman. Sebelum tidur kan, u minum segelas jus oren yang original jus. Kalau ada nasib, tiap2 hari u lawas. Lemak2 kena serap oleh jus tadi terus ke pembuangan sisa kita.hehe..bah, kalau u ada masa lapang, sudi2lah misombol ke blog saya ye..jumpa lagi..