Monday, September 14, 2009

Mr. X

Hello everybody...thank you for stopping by at my simple blog. Today, i would like to tell a story about a friend of mine. i already know him for about 3 months plus. Let me just address him as Mr. X..The mysterious one..
Actually, he is a friends of a friend. When i met one of my ex-classmates on FB, he said he want to introduce one of his friend to me. His colleague. Well, there is nothing wrong to be friends with anybody, right?but, i don't take his words seriously though. maybe he just joking around with me and i let him have my phone number.
The day after tomorrow, in the evening, i just sitting on the sofa while watching my favorite series, suddenly my phone rang with unfamiliar number. should i answer the call or not? I usually don't take calls from stranger..but yeah eventually i answered the call and then i heard a man voice...Hello. i am your friend's friend, he gave me your phone number and he said you would like to know me more...what??i want to know him more??.nonsense...then i answered him back..emmm not exactly..he said, he want to introduce to me one of his friend and that might be you, i suppose.....then we remains silent about couple of seconds...ooohh..he finally break the silence between us..well, he obviously set us up huh?, by the way, my name is Mr.X..nice to know you...
This is how the story begin. Then we SMSing each other everyday ...what can i say, he such a great guy. Funny, cool and caring ...well now he is a history for sure..haha

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